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Date: 2018-10-17
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Organizational Culture: An Informal Control Mechanism

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The value of a strong organizational culture is primarily that it may act as an informal control mechanism in more complex organizations or institutions. (Dowling et al., 2004), (Nohria et al, 1994).

A strong organizational culture can help to control the standards of behavior in an organization that has become so large that it is impossible to control the behavior of employees by e.g. direct supervision. William Ouchi (1980) also proposes that a strong organizational culture can reduce opportunistic behavior by e.g. employees, who may not feel obliged by the values and goals of the company.

A strong organizational culture may therefore be seen as a glue keeping organizations together, where shared values and goals may guide and control the behavior of the members of the organization.

Date Created: 2009-12-17
Posted by: Admin
Organizational Culture: An Informal Control Mechanism

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